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In-Studio Classes

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Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


Yoga Basic level 1

An ideal course for those new to yoga. With safe guidance, you learn how to breath right, basic technique in poses, alignment and orthosomia. You will create the basis and abilities for any yoga practice.


It is a “Raja Yoga” class open to all levels of students. With the term “Raja Yoga” (Yoga of the mind), we succeed in the awakening and concentration of the mind, through practicing. This class is inspired by the great teacher Dharma Mittra and students practice poses of balance, back bending ,twists , arm balancing and inverted variations, having as a basis the headstand!(King posture). Ideal course to develop your practice!



(LEVEL 1,2)

Vinyasa Yoga combines breathing with movements! A class with a flow designed so that the series of poses give to the body strength, flexibility but also a calm and steady mind! By synchronizing movement with breathing, heat is generated within the body, the blood gets warmer, cleaner, improving circulation. The sweat produced removes toxins, providing a thinner and stronger body. This is a class addressed to new students and to those who have experience but still want to participate in a class with basic postures of Vinyasa Yoga!


(Level 2,3)

Addressed to more advanced students practicing Vinyasa Yoga. A dynamic class, designed to develop your practice with more difficult poses (asanas). This class involves inversions, arm balancing, that work completely the entire body in all levels, enhancing confidence and discovering forces within you!


ashtanga led (primary)

In this class, we teach the first series of Ashtanga Yoga. The teacher leads the class to all students simultaneously. You will learn the first series of Ashtanga Yoga which is connected with the correct breathing, in a specific flow, order and direction.
You will increase your strength, flexibility and will accomplish the connection of the mind and body through breathing.(Little experience in Yoga is needed, get ready to sweat!!)

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